Friday, April 18, 2014

Airhaven at Lenhardt Airpark is a privately owned, public use airport with a 3200 foot paved runway and parallel grass strip in the heart of the lush Oregon Willamette Valley. The airport sits in a gently rolling countryside 25 miles South of Portland, Oregon amid nurseries in a beautiful rural community called "Whiskey Hill".   It is located 25 nautical miles south of Portland International Airport (PDX) and 27 miles north of the Salem airport (SLE).   Airhaven is only 15 minutes driving time from three nearby Interstate 5 exits. Area towns include Hubbard, Aurora, Canby and Woodburn. Full shop services are available.

More than seventy condominium-type hangars have been developed for lifetime-lease over the last several years. The hangars and the airport grounds are leased by these hangar owners on a 270 year term. Hangars are occasionally available to rent at $275 to $350 per month. Although AirHaven is not a residential airpark, it has a strong sense of community with common areas and a clubhouse.  A pilot hangar-talk get together is held every Friday at 10am with coffee and doughnuts provided. All who love aviation are welcome to fly or drive in year around. Group breakfast and lunch flyouts are frequent, especially on Saturdays.  Fuel is available 24/7 to members.

Although grass-strip type flying is our specialty, an IFR clearance can be obtained on the ground from Portland Approach on 119.95 and a release from 126.0.  An IFR approach into Aurora Airport (UAO) can usually bring an aircraft to VFR conditions for a 3 mile transit to Lenhardt's at pattern altitude.  So, do drop in to visit.  We have wireless internet for your flight planning and convenience.

The airpark is the home of many classic, early military, home built and antique-type aircraft and is programmed to keep the country atmosphere of the early days with the Cascade Mountain view and grass taxiways which invite the tail-draggers to "Come on in, the grass is fine!".

Henry Pflegl's cub.
On a snowy February day at Lenhardt Airpark!
The Willamette Valley Fly Girls and the Melhoff’s newly-restored Piper Cub!
The girls celebrating with Linda and Rich Melhoff at their J-3 Cub Roll-Out Party at Lenhardt's AirHaven.
Congratulations are in order!
Congratulations to Brandon Thoennes for passing his checkride on October 20th, 2013 at Lenhardt Airpark!
Mail Delivery!
A Boeing 40, the first mail delivery and passenger carrier came to Lenhardt's on July 5th, 2013.
Congrats to Doug Coleman!
Congratulations to Doug Coleman for passing his checkride on October 11th, 2013. Pictured here with Instructor Tom Wrolstad and Examiner Forest Lanning.
Another success story!
Jordan Quiogue passed his checkride on July 5th, 2013! He is pictured here with CFI Wayne Schoor and Examiner Forrest Lanning.
A beautiful sunrise at Lenhardt Airpark!
Congratulations to Scott Kelly!
Scott Kelly passed his checkride at Lenhardt Airpark on August 22, 2013. He is pictured here with Instructor Wayne Schoor and Examiner Forest Lanning